The Modern Dads Podcast helps the world keep up with the ever-evolving definition of a “good father.” We discuss issues today’s fathers face navigating work, parenthood, relationships and play. We share stories of dads who are active and engaged in the decisions, the drudgery, and the pains and the joys of parenthood. We not only bring dads into the conversation, but also – regardless of gender – our spouses and partners, friends and colleagues, and leaders in business, entertainment and media.

The Modern Dads Podcast is produced by City Dads Group and Krosstown Studios with contributions from City Dads Group members nationwide.

Finding Dad Through Poetry - Episode 36

Ninth graders at Capital High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico had the opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking poetry program sponsored by Reel Fathers, an organization that engages with the community to build stronger relationships through a dynamic use of film, story and creative expression.

Poet mentors worked with students to write and perform poems that explore the lightness, darkness, absence, and presence of fathers and father figures.

We talk to Reel Fathers Founder Allan Shedlin and poetry program mentor Hakim Bellamy about the impact of the program on the students and the community. We also hear six of the students perform their poetry and an original poem from Hakim.

Sharing Creativity with Kids - Episode 35

Every dad has a creative muscle that is aching to get flexed. For this episode of the Modern Dads Podcast, we hope you will be inspired by these dads that are sharing their love of art, music, cooking, science and more with their children. Author Mike Adamick talks about how he shares the experience of creating his books with his daughter, including his latest, Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes. Children's book author Christopher Routly talks about the moment with his kids that sparked a Kickstarter campaign and the publication of his latest book, Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish.

The Parents' Phrase Book author Whit Honea joins again to talk about how planning for a family trip became an opportunity for himself, for his wife, and for their two boys to access different parts of their creative brains.

The Modern Dad's Juggle - Episode 34

More than ever, fathers are caring for their children, tending to domestic chores, and providing for their family financially. In this episode of The Modern Dads Podcast, we feature a recent webinar City Dads Group organized with our friends at A Better Balance, a work and family advocacy center. Experts talk about how employer policies and legal rules interact to offer support to men as they consider starting a family, taking paternity leave, asking for a flexible schedule, and caring for sick kids.

The Working Dad's Survival Guide author Scott Behson discusses the stigma of  prioritizing family, and what resources are available to assist dads in becoming our own best advocates in the workplace.

Special thanks to our friends at The Handsome FatherDad 2.0 Summit, and Life of Dad for co-sponsoring the webinar.

Download the notes for the original webinar.

Dads on Black-ish - Episode 33

NYC Dads Group members Lorne Jaffe and Christopher Persley discuss the portrayal of dads on the hit ABC-TV sitcom, Black-ish. They talk about race, the use of satire and comparisons to other TV shows featuring black families including The Cosby Show, 227, and The Jeffersons. Lorne and Christopher also caught up with the show's star, Anthony Anderson, to ask him about modern fatherhood.

The Parents' Phrase Book author and L.A. Dads Group member Whit Honea also joins to offer his heartfelt advice on talking to your kids about the fine line between stereotype and satire.

Work, Love, Play with Author Brigid Schulte - Episode 32

Washington Post journalist and author Brigid Schulte discusses her new book, Overwhelmed: How To Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time. The Modern Dads Podcast dives into her research on changing workplaces and relationships and the importance of play for adults.

The Parents' Phrase Book author Whit Honea joins again to encourage us to make time for fun in our lives that is purely for ourselves.

Pursuing a Parenting Partnership - Episode 31

One of our favorite topics for discussion is the challenge of two parents trying to raise children together. In this episode of The Modern Dads Podcast, we feature another 92Y Parenting Conference panel discussion, this one called Pursuing A Parenting Partnership.

New York FamilyMagazine Editor Eric Messinger moderates the panel that includes three couples with varying work/life arrangements: a breadwinning dad/stay-at-home mom, a working mom/at-home dad, and a two-income family led by two dads.

The New Science of Fatherhood - Episode 30

Until recently, the science of parenthood focused almost exclusively on mothers. As fathers have taken a more active role in childcare, researchers have begun to look at the impact dads have on their children.

In this episode of The Modern Dads Podcast, we bring a 92Y Parenting Conference panel discussion: The New Science of Fatherhood, How the Research is Changing the Conversation. Panelists include sociologist Dr. Michael Kimmel, neuroscientist Dr. James Curley, psychologist Dr. Michael Thompson, and author Paul Raeburn moderates.

A New Definition of Modern Masculinity with Author Mark Greene - Episode 29


The Good Men Project Executive Editor Mark Greene talks to Modern Dads Podcast co-hosts Matt Schneider and Ron Mattocks about his new book Remaking Manhood: The Modern Masculinity Movement, Stories From the Front Lines of Change. We discuss the illusion of the "man box" that is still constraining us,  and how modern fatherhood is helping men overcome traditional stereotypes to live life in full.

Avoid Raising A Spoiled Child: Interview with Author Ron Lieber - Episode 28

New York Times personal finance columnist and author Ron Lieber talks to the Modern Dads Podcast about his book, The Opposite of Spoiled, Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About MoneyWe talk about what is means to be spoiled and the steps parents can take to avoid spoiling their child. Ron also gives advice for parents thinking about allowance, giving, birthday presents, and saving for college.

The Parents' Phrase Book author (and L.A. Dads Group member) Whit Honea joins again to suggest that the opposite of spoiling your children is not depriving them of life's experiences.

Dad 2.0 2015 Summit Preview - Episode 27

Dad 2.0 Summit Co-Founders Doug French and John Pacini join us to preview this year's event in San Francisco. We talk about the purpose of the conference and reflect on the impact the experience has had on dads, media, and the decision-makers in boardrooms across America. Doug and John also make some speaker announcements and tease us with some uniquely San Francisco treats for attendees.

Whit Honea joins us again to reflect on what he’s taken from his Dad 2.0 experiences.