Dads ARE Interested in Part-Time and Flex-Time Work

In 2005, a woman by the name of Alison O’Kelly, a mother, a CPA, and Harvard MBA, recognized that she and many mothers around her “wanted to stay in the workforce but didn’t know how to find opportunities which would allow them to preserve symmetry in their lives.” So she started an organization called, Mom Corps, a unique staffing agency that works with companies to help them understand how to use flexible work solutions in their organizations. Mom Corps matches professionals who want to maintain a challenging career while also prioritizing their family with companies looking to operate more efficiently by paying for work as needed.

As readers of this blog know, the members of the NYC Dads Group community are a diverse bunch, but we share a common interest in being active fathers. Many members of our group do work full-time and are struggling to make the time they want to for their families. Other members of our group are full-time, at-home dads who have no intention of returning to the workforce anytime soon. Still others are working part-time, or thinking about returning to their careers on a part-time basis, so we were thrilled when the NYC offshoot of Mom Corps contacted us to get our take on dads and our desire for part-time and flex-time work.

Mom Corps NYC turned our interview into a very nice piece on their website, The New Fatherhood: How Work-Flex Plays In. In the interview, Lance and I got to share our thoughts about what families are thinking, the lack of workplace opportunities for dads seeking something different, and the high expectations many of us have for both our career prospects and our role as dads. Bottom line, there are dads that are interested in part-time and flex-time opportunities. Click on the link and let us know what you think.

Despite the name, Mom Corps’ services are open to dads and any other professional that wants to be serious about their careers but also prioritize commitments beyond work. If you are a NYC professional looking for a better balance between life and work, check out Mom Corps NYC’s job board. If you are outside NYC, click Mom Corps national job board.

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