Home Run: Tide Markets To Dads In a Big Way!

I watched this Tide commercial yesterday that was sent to me by Caryn Medved & pinged by DaddyMojo – thanks guys! Frankly, I had to watch the commercial a couple of times to make sure it was authentic and not pasted together by an at-home dad filmmaker trying to send a loud message.  Bottom line: It’s the real deal.  Positively Groundbreaking, actually. A major corporation airing a commercial that portray’s at-home fathers as competent and caring with a nice twist of humor.   As Medved pointed out, “Seems like just one more piece of evidence for the shifting tides (pun intended:) of gender. And, of course, it also means marketers see men at home as consumers.”  We agree with that philosophy as so many at-home dads within our NYC Dads Community are the parent responsible for supermarket shopping, clothing, electronics, and big ticket items – nice to see Corporate America take notice.

One comical thing in the commercial that is worth noting is the confidence and knowledge this at-home dad has with regards to braiding his daughter’s hair.  Truth be told, many at-home dads that I know truly know how to style their daughter’s hair…and that is pretty cool.

Let’s point out something puzzling…the title of the commercial clip “My Tide TV Commercial – Dad Mom”  Hmmm…after further review, we noticed & compared the clip above to the commercial below that Tide is featuring on TV as well – not so flattering. 

Well, is it really a Home Run for Tide?  Are they testing the waters to see which commercial fares better in focus groups or with general public?  My vote goes for the short version.


  1. Anonymous says

    Short version is cool, but I can’t decide about the long version. It’s funny.. but really awkward too. Like it’s trying too hard at that point to be seen as acceptable. I applaud Tide for the effort regardless.

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