Paid Fatherhood Study: Attention NYC Dads

First of all, it is fantastic that more and more research studies are being done on involved fatherhood.  This latest qualitative study (open ended questions) are seeking dads who are primary caregivers to children under seven years of age.  Seeking 12 more dads so If you want to participate in this in-depth study to provide more data on how important and amazing fatherhood can be as well as earn some extra beer money reach out to doctoral student, Alicia Sisk – her note below:

Hello! I am Alicia Sisk, a licensed clinical social worker and a doctoral student at NYU Silver School of Social Work. I am doing a qualitative study on fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children. The purpose of my study is to understand the experience of fathers who are the primary caregivers of their child or children. I am looking to interview heterosexual, married or cohabitating men who are the primary caregiver of at least one child. You will be asked to participate in 2 interviews, each of which is expected to last 1 hour. You will receive $40 for each interview (toal of $80). The interviews will be conducted in my upper Westside office or another (more convenient)location for you. Please, feel free to call 212-280-1910 or e-mail me with any questions at I look forward to having the chance to interview and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Warm regards,
Alicia Sisk

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