Role Reversal Adjustment

Becoming an at-home dad was certainly a challenge for me.  Heck, parenting is the most challenging (and rewarding) role I have ever experienced.  Consequently, I knew what I was getting into as an at-home dad because I chose to be one.  Therefore, I was mentally prepared.  How about for those fathers who are thrust into the role because of unexpected unemployment?

The New York Daily News published an article yesterday discussing the answer to this question.  Thanks to Ed Drossman for sharing this with me!  The article by Carolyn Kepcher (formerly Trump’s advisor for you Apprentice fans), When Fathers are At Home After Unexpected Unemployment, a role reversal adjustment is needed is a brief  “How To” for couples that have been forced to adjust.  The article suggests the couple start strategizing quickly with regard to chores on the home front and sharing the burden…to keep the changing roles from damaging any relationships.

How about this quote from the article as a conversational piece? Is it possible for a wife and mother to be a breadwinner, a husband and father to be a stay-at-home dad, and for the whole situation to work out successfully, even happily?  Of course it is. Couples do it all the time.  Thanks Kepcher for noticing.  I believe we have a couple hundred examples in the NYC Dads Group….

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