NYC Dads & Kids Tumble at 74th Street Magic

The Group assembled on the Upper East Side this past week for a new experience. This “guest blog” entry comes from NYC Dads Group Member, Mitch M. (crouching in the center), who journeyed all the way down from Inwood to share this bonding experience with his adorable daughter Sadie and the dads…

Today’s meet-up took us to 74th Street Magic for a dads only, 45 minute Tiny Tumbler session. The private room and colorful equipment afforded the little ones a great opportunity to explore their own movement, as well as socialize with others. I appreciated the small class size ( ratio of 7 kids with 2 instructors) and the loosely structured agenda; allowing the kids some time to explore and the Dad’s some time to chat. The instructors were also helpful in guiding the kids through each specific station (trampoline, ball pit, ramps, slide, etc), and the parachute/music time at the end was certainly a tiny tumbler favorite. Overall, a great class, and a great idea for a meet-up!

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