Dads Get Creative With Pottery in NYC at MAKE

This week’s “guest blog” post was done by Colby, one of our newer and more active dads who has become a real asset to our “club.” Thanks again Colby!

“Today a gaggle of dads headed up to MAKE (formerly “our Name is Mud”) to engage in some kid friendly arts and crafts. The venue is a make-your-own pottery shop that allows customers to pick out a figurine, plate, mug, plaque, etc. to paint and personalize. The item is then dried and fired in a kiln and can be picked up after a day or two. Patrick, though absent, was able to snag us a discounted rate on many of the objects (Thanks Patrick!). The dad’s took some time mingling and waiting for everyone to arrive and then the very friendly staff took us through a little how-to course on the basics of painting ceramics.

Since most of our kids are relatively young the afternoon consisted of a lot of investigation as to which paints taste the best and which brushes are the best for chewing and throwing on the ground. However, Roger’s son Frank painted a gloriously Van Gogh-esque dinosaur that was the crowning artistic achievement of the day.

Of course it’s the getting the kids together, trying new things, taking advantage of the city, etc. that keeps me coming back week to week with our NYC Dads Group. But, even more importantly, it’s the other dads that have me looking forward to each new event. It seems like every time I meet a new dad from the group there is always a lot to talk about (“Your son Alfie likes toes?” “Yeah, goes crazy for them” “So does my son Theo.”) It makes the NYC SAHD experience feel more like a club than a support group. There is an ease and camaraderie that is hard to find elsewhere. I think the only thing we’re missing at this point is a crest or a logo. Get to work people, I want ideas by next meetup.”

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