Dads Discussion With CNN Reporter

I was watching TV this weekend and caught the end of a CNN segment with correspondent Josh Levs talking about fatherhood. Josh Levs recently interviewed a diverse group of dads, including one stay at home dad, on several topics including if dads are jealous of stay at home moms. When the stay at home dad in the group was asked by Josh Levs if being an at home dad was tough work, he replied, “it’s a grind.” True that! He further explained that full time parenting is more of a “grind” than working full time. There are many days that I completely agree with that statement. Read the brief article by writer/editor Karen Waygood of the CNN Newsroom (July 3, 2009), When Dads Are Jealous Of Moms referring to Josh Levs‘ dad discussion. Additionally, the article includes a link to some very interesting data published by Career Builder in a recent survey as well as some video clips of Josh Levs‘ dad discussion.

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