Daddy & Me Yoga Class

A Baby Yoga class is something I would never have tried on my own without the support of the dads in our NYC Stay at Home Dads Group. Now, not only have my son & I tried it, but we enjoyed it so much that we are venturing on a journey with other dads and their babies on a weekly basis – daddy & me yoga with Elahi Children’s Yoga. Our first class was yesterday, and we put our kids through all kinds of traditional poses, worked with the mirror for engagement, and got a serious workout swinging our kids around the dance studio. Below is a brief video of the dads in our group trying to get our kids into a partner downward dog pose, but as you can see most of them had other plans. I was never a fan of yoga for myself, but to do it with your baby (they are extremely flexible) is truly a great parent bonding experience.

To find out more about some Parent & Me Yoga Classes, check out one of these resources in NYC:

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