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From Baby to Real People

These babies who need us to do everything for them eventually grow up.


The Anxiety of Parenting

Maybe I’m worrying over nothing and parental instinct and adrenalin would help me step up in the name of protecting my child. But until it happens, I can’t be totally sure.

Lesser kids at bedtime

Childhood – It’s Just a Phase

Children are people. Sometimes people are assholes, other times they’re not.

dad in chair with baby

She is My Daughter

I still remember the first time I heard her voice, crying so loudly. Confused.

barney the dinosaur in the closet

Come Back, Little Purple Dinosaur

How does one give back childhood innocence without taking it from another? Does mending one heart always mean breaking another? Most importantly, how much will this all cost me in the end?

This Is My Brave New York City

NYC Dad to Produce Local Show on Mental Health

This Is My Brave, Inc., a national organization dedicated to igniting a positive conversation about mental illness, recently announced it will be coming to New York City this fall and a NYC Dads Group member will head its production team.


Repeating Your Mistakes with Your Child

So how do you prevent your kids from making the same mistakes you made? I don’t think you can. And I’m not sure you should.