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‘Modern Dads’ podcast

Depressed Dads: Parenting Through the Darkness – Episode 24

It's our second annual Movember episode, and we once again focus on men's health -- more specifically men's mental health. Three of our favorite dads, Ryan Hamilton, Lorne Jaffe, and Ron Mattocks join us to talk about their individual experiences with anxiety, depression, and bi-polar disorder, and the various ways each has found treatment and support.

The Parents' Phrase Book author Whit Honea joins again to talk about why he is working so hard to make sure his two young sons know that feelings matter, their own and those of the people around them.

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My sons will learn more from my actions than my words. With all my might, I hope to portray for them all that is good and right.

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Huffington Post Lauds City Dads Group

“All I could think about is how my life would have been different had I that kind of support when I was going through it 20 years ago … and how different my children’s lives would have been too.”


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If it were part of a forest, it would be the sparsest in woods — the veritable Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of mustaches.


Can Any Parent Truly ‘Have It All’?

If you are privileged enough to worry about “having it all,” you are doing better than most. You aren’t wondering where you next meal will come from, whether you’ll be forced to leave your home, or how you’ll handle childcare when next week’s schedule comes out.

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Stanford Football’s Shaw Shows Coaches, Dads Care

Editor’s Note: San Francisco Dads Group co-organizer Mike Heenan recently interviewed David Shaw, head football coach at Stanford University, as part of Dove Men+Care’s “Care Always Wins” campaign. Stanford University’s head football coach and consummate family man […]