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‘Moderns Dads’ podcast


Engaging Moms to Evolve Fatherhood with Doyin Richards – Episode 22

Father of 2, blogger, and Daddy Doin’ Work author Doyin Richards joins us to discuss his mission to engage moms in evolution of fatherhood. We talk about the inspiration and perspective he has gained from his online community and his message …

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Baby On Board for the High Line Life

Australian at-home dad Rory Chambers moved to Manhattan earlier this year and quickly discovered a new band of brothers to hang with: Our NYC Dads Group.

sun drawing

My Son Illuminates Me

I said something that ended with, “my son.” Maybe it was, “do two Hail Marys and three Our Fathers, my son.” Probably not though.


Babywearing City Dads Storm the Nation

All 13 City Dads Groups across the United States did something with babies on board new baby carriers, courtesy of Britax, this past Thursday to show support for International Babywearing Week.

Daddy Doin' Work

Keeping it Real in “Daddy Doin’ Work”

“Daddy Doin’ Work” deconstructs fatherhood and really affirms the efforts of so many of us.


My Son Wore a Dress to High School

The blue cotton sundress he chose would be fitting of any teenage girl. Heck, it might actually be something his mom would wear. And he looked pretty darn good in it.