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Episode 21: Time for Work, Family, and Play with Jessica DeGroot

ThirdPath Institute Founder Jessica Degroot joins us to talk about making time for work, family, and play. We discuss "The New Normal" where dads AND … Continue Reading

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5 Reasons Why My Child is in an Independent School

Independent school is not for everyone, whether for financial, social or religious concerns. But I know that my family is quite fortunate to be able to make a choice and attend this new school, and the school is also fortunate to have us.


City Dads Expands to Dallas, Las Vegas

City Dads Group continues to grow its diverse community of dudes who defy the “doofus dad” stereotype, recently adding outposts its 12th and 13th U.S. cities.

child camera

My 5-Year-Old Has an Instagram Account

When he’s got more than a handful of photos – what types of themes will emerge? Where in his world does he find beauty? Most importantly, will I be able to steer him clear of his favorite 5-year-old topics – poop, his own wiener and bugs he’s stepped on?

More than 80 At-Home Dad Convention goers attended a rooftop party at the Colorado Rockies' game on Sept. 18 in Denver. Our Denver Dads Group sponsored the event.

At-Home Dads Convention a Mile High Success

Congratulations to our friends and partners in paternal parenting at the National At-Home Dad Network for throwing a successful convention, its 19th, in Denver over the weekend.

Smith Memorial Playground

9 Ways to Make Playgrounds Better for Kids and Adults

I’m not asking for much, just a playground designed with my particular needs and desires in mind. And, you know, fun for my kids.