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Avengers - Age of Ultron

Is that Movie Age Appropriate?

Why would a normally reasonable parent let their younger kid see something that’s not really inappropriate?

superman costume child

9 (Fairly Dubious) Parenting Superpowers

Over the past five years, I’ve acquired some amazing talents that never would have manifested if I weren’t responsible for a child. Because with great responsibility comes great power … Speed Reading I had no idea […]

Catch a Spitting Star

I manage a glance over my shoulder while I’m driving, something I’m loathe to do as I really don’t like to get involved back there.

dad holding baby

10 Must-Know Tips for Dads-To-Be

If I knew then what I know now it sure would be a whole lot easier so I’ve put together 10 tips for new fathers. I did all the research, so you’re welcome.

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

National Geographic Teaches Kids to Take Photos Like a Pro

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography brings kids pro tips in a visual style that is accessible and easy to read.


Baby Talk

She softly rambled into my ear, as if she needed to tell me something that was just for me.

benchwarmer josh wilker

Failing at Sports, Maybe Fatherhood

He turns this into a unique tale of his first year of daddying in the form of an A-to-Z sports almanac, using entries about the famous, infamous and oddities of the games we love to relate to his trials and tribulations of parenting.