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airport travel delay

50 Ways to Kill Time During Flight Delays

I give you: 50 things you can do with kids, or on your own, when your flight is delayed.


Caught in the Moment

Even on those nights when you’re so tired you go straight to bed, I know you make sure to look through pictures and watch videos of our growing girl.

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Save Now on At-Home Dad Convention Fee

If you are and will soon be an at-home father, then the place to be in September is The 20th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in Raleigh, N.C. And if you register before July 31, you can save $25 off the $150 fee.


We Talk to Our Dog and Kids the Same Way

My wife and I realized recently that a lot of what we say to the twins, we also say to the dog. So much in fact that if I’m in the other room, and I hear her say “Sit down,” I often wonder which of the three she is talking to.

baby holding parent hand

Never Be Satisfied with Your Parenting

I’ll have that one slip-up and I’m back to zero again. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s soul-sucking. It’s Sisyphus. Every day. Thankfully, you do get points for trying.


Study: Millennial Dads Happier With At-Home Roles

If advertising is a legitimate measure of a society’s current desires, targets and priorities, then fathers are indeed a desired, targeted priority, according to a new study.


Football, Fatherhood and Love

The memoir “To Dad, From Kelly” is warm and touching and any parent would want their kids to remember them with such fondness, and admiration. Read this book whether you are a football fan or not.